Movie theaters are rooms where people just pass by and sit, waiting for the movie to start. These spaces dedicated to entertainment are not the protagonists, they are lost when the lights go out. In fact, one of the reasons why viewers do not focus their attention on theaters is because it is a comfortable environment and adapted for its purpose, “good design is not seen”. If the viewer notices something, it is probably because it is uncomfortable.

At the same time, when you arrive and sit down, commercials and trailers for other feature or short films begin; when you get up and leave, the only thing on your mind is the movie. Movie theaters become invisible spaces. That’s why I intend for them to become the star cast in this project. I carry out a research process on why movie theaters are the way they are by photographing thirteen screening rooms in Madrid, the first city where the invention of the cinematograph arrived. To do this, the photobook format is used, which also allow working in a space, that of the pages.


290 pag.

Bachelor’s Degree Final Project

Author: Ana Monforte

Special thanks to: Sala Equis,Autocine Madrid Race, Artistic Metropol, Sala Berlanga, Cines Golem, Cine Estudio Círculo de Bellas Artes, Cines Renoir, Palacio de la Prensa, Cine Doré, Cine Capitol and Teatro Coliseum.

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