nespresso stand

Nespresso is an established brand with a defined design line. Therefore, the following proposal focuses on showing coffee as something more than a product: coffee as art, as an experience and as a lifestyle. The aim is to transport the visitor to a sensory journey
where the five senses are involved. According to several studies, “the human body is capable of remembering 1% of what it touches, 2% of what it hears, 5% of what it sees, 15% of what it tastes and 35% of what it smells”.

The stand is made up of three tablets inspired by the packaging of the capsules: first contact, sensory experience and private services. First, we find the access to the stand with the information desk, a work area and a stage for presentations. After that, we enter the sensory experience where we find the dome and the bar. Finally, the last block houses the most private part of the stand, the storeroom and the technical room. The formalization of these volumes is defined by the scope of each one previously explained: from the first one completely open, through the central one where the coffee capsule is the protagonist and through the use of repetition the space acquires the appearance of a jewel, to the last one completely closed.


Project carried out for the Master’s Degree in Ephemeral Architecture

Authors: Aída Colom, Jorge Goenaga and Ana Monforte