This is an installation that starts from the opposition to the dominant mass phenomenon in today's western society, questioning individual freedom. A reflection on how much it controls and influences us. This is why we start from the concept of rebellion, which is known as a type of human behaviour characterised by resistance or defiance of authority, disobedience of an order or non-compliance with an obligation. It is the consequence of the search for independence. We need to distance ourselves from the relationship of dependence and protection generated by society in order to find personal identity. A need to cross the line to see what lies beyond, to test the limits of each one of us and how far we are capable of going. The aim of this installation is to make people reflect on the established truth. The aim is to raise awareness about the rupture of the established truth and the consequences of this decision. To create a doubt in the spectators of What would happen if...?

The project is divided into two different states that refer to two opposing conditions in society. This duality is physically represented by an outer and an inner circle. On entering the dome we find a circle of yellow LEDs surrounding a central totem. All is calm, the normative state. The outer circle represents control, the imposed, the way the masses are used to act. The inner circle, the one that can be traversed, risking not to follow the majority to which it is intended to refer, represents individual freedom. When we cross this circle, the altered state is activated. In the centre of these two circles stands a central totem, which is illuminated by different abstract projections that change when the inner circle is crossed, accompanied by the ambient sound, which will change to provoke a greater installative submersion.


Project carried out for the Master's Degree in Ephemeral Architecture.

Authors: Isabel Martínez, Aida Colom, Eduardo García, Guillermo Grau, Franco Cambria, Anna Vicho, Judith Melgarejo, Judith Roldán, Irene Carabias, Ana Delgado, Virginia Ruiz, Diego Alonso, Isaac rovira, and Ana Monforte.

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