With the arrival of COVID-19 and the consequent increase in teleworking, the private space of the home has been forced to become a public/shared space by creating digital windows that reveal our privacy. Videoconference backgrounds have become part of our daily lives, becoming a public image, which provokes a need to generate a personalized, attractive and aesthetic background.

Fondos is presented with a visual language typical of the digitalization in which we are irremediably immersed. A useful design is carried out for both group and individual videoconferences, and the space is given a communal and private air, but as an alternative to the hermetic configurations of our homes.


Project carried out for the Master's Degree in Ephemeral Architecture.

Authors: Marina Benítez, Aída Colom, Eduardo García, Guillermo Grau, Judith Melgarejo, Anna Vicho, Laura Thompson and Ana Monforte. 

in collaboration with VIC Studio (Esau Acosta, Miguel Jaenicke, Sara Durgali, Victoria Pardo, Miguel Zoya)

in collaboration with La Casa Encendida