elcoste de la moda rápida. La industria que desviste al planeta

The project is proposed as an exhibition at the Sala El Águila, from the curatorship to the design and assembly of the exhibition on a humanitarian crisis. I opted for fast fashion.

When it came to the resolution of the space, I decided to make it as if it were a store, called Elcoste, inspired by the aesthetics of the textile industry factories. The idea is that when a person goes to a real store, he or she will remember this exhibition. When we experience sensations, it is easier for us to remember something. Therefore, the objectives are that when you pass the hangers to see the trends of the season, the alarming data of the industry comes to mind; that when you enter the fitting room, you remember the whole process involved in manufacturing the garment you are going to try on. That the clothes you are not going to wear, have other ways out before going directly to the trash: they can be donated or can be used for techniques such as upcycling.

This exhibition format is attractive because you don’t expect to literally walk into a store. This is a shock as we are all so used to going from one to another at a frenetic pace. This space makes the visit to the store more relaxed and provides a turning point when you have in mind “I want to buy something”.


Project carried out for the Master’s Degree in Ephemeral Architecture

Author: Ana Monforte