Louis Vuitton Trash Bag

"Absurd luxury" is the concept I work with in this project. The message I want to convey is that we have reached a point where consumerism and exclusivity go so far beyond the limits that everyday objects can lose their functionality because of this "absurd luxury".

The choice of the rubbish bag as the object to be transformed is a metaphor: the idea of making luxury products of this kind is literally nonsense, rubbish. It represents this over-buying, this interest in accumulation. It could also be understood as meaning that you no longer only care about the bag itself, but also about its contents.

I frame the resulting object in one of IKEA's campaigns called "Some things you need. Some you don't. We have both. The price of this rubbish bag is determined by the controversy in 2017 between the Swedish company and Balenciaga, which released the mythical blue IKEA bag for sale, although with a slightly higher price, €1700.

"Diogenes, you've got another package" is the phrase that accompanies the image, emphasising the concepts of accumulation and consumerism mentioned above.