Grand Seiko Winter

Grand Seiko is a Japanese luxury watchmaking brand founded in 1960 whose philosophy is based on craftsmanship and the nature of time.

To create the proposal for the winter window display, we chose the Heritage Collection watch SBGA211. In creating this model, Grand Seiko's artisans have drawn inspiration from the snow-capped Hotaka Mountains that surround their workshops at Shinshu Watch Studio.

The subtly textured design of the dial is reminiscent of falling snow and transforms into hard, light crystals that glisten in the sun. As they float in the air, they create delicate and unique patterns. The blue-tempered steel seconds hand moves over the dial in perfect motion reflecting the continuous, eternal nature of time. Paying homage to this model, we want to capture the ephemeral moment when water transforms into a snowflake and creates a beautiful geometry. The snow kanji evokes a mobile. In it, we can see reflected the slight movement we want to convey when a snowflake falls.


Internship at Luca Hugo Brucculeri Studio

Windows display design

Team: Ingryd Naranjo, Aina Alberich and Ana Monforte