Grand Seiko Autumn

Grand Seiko is a Japanese luxury watchmaking brand founded in 1960 whose philosophy is based on craftsmanship and the nature of time.

When we think of autumn, the tree comes to mind, the changing colour of the leaves, the ground dyed by the falling leaves...

The inspiration for this project was the Grand Seiko 44GS watch from 1967 to the present day; the design unites the past and the future. Given the combination of a flat dial and an aperture, it allows light to enter and the elongated hands to be read more easily with the play of light and shadow. Paying homage to this design, we reinterpreted the brand's characteristic elongated and pointed hands in the maple leaves falling on the momiji (a Japanese term referring to the changing colour of maple leaves in autumn). We were also inspired by the polished look of the watch, reminiscent of the wood grain of a tree. The colour gradient from green to maroon refers to the changing colour of the leaves; and the tree is represented in an abstract way from a central totemic element.


Internship at Luca Hugo Brucculeri Studio

Windows display design

Team: Ingryd Naranjo, Aina Alberich and Ana Monforte