al menos

It is an energetically self-sufficient installation (thanks to the solar panels located at the top) to enjoy in the public space without consumption. It explores new
realities and how to solve the need for leisure in intimate spaces outside the home and indoor establishments.

It focuses on the idea of how different the conversations are when you meet at the same time with all the friends in your group, to when you have a one on one with each of them. Personally, jobs take up a lot of my time, so I would try to get together on the day when the most friends were there, so I could see them all at once. However, I felt that nothing was being talked about. We had a good time, but that was it. So, I created this two-person shared privacy unit, where you can catch up with your friend and have much deeper conversations.

I realized this situation when I was hanging out with my friends in my hometown, Avila. Therefore, the geometry of the structure is a reinterpretation of the famous Ávila Walls and would be located next to them, on the Paseo del Rastro.


Project carried out for the Master’s Degree in Ephemeral Architecture

Author: Ana Monforte